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About Us

XT 500 Motorcycle ClubThis website has been set up by two XT500 fanatics, Will (me) and my good friend Bob.

Bob and I met about 2004 via the original Yamaha Thumper forum set up by Dave Newitt, who is sadly no longer with us, but his spirit lives on with the classic thumper..

Bob and I share a massive passion for the iconic thumper and over the years have attended various shows, Bob winning trophies for his superb show bikes.

Bob and I have attended many International meetings in Belgium and South of France, Bob has also has attended the XT meeting in Switzerland on several occasions.

On the back of attending International events we both realised that there was no XT meet in the UK, so the 1st UK International XT Meeting was born.

XT 500 Motorcycle ClubBob and I scoured the UK for a suitable venue that could offer, camping, hotel accommodation, tolerance of a pack of noisy 70’s/80’s trail bikes (and their riders), somewhere to have a barbeque, camp fire and more importantly a bar. One place seemed to fit the bill, The Baskerville Hall Hotel, in Clyro, Nr Hay on Wye, on the Wales/England border, and this to date remains the venue for the UK meeting.

So the 1st UK meeting took place at the Baskerville Hall Hotel just outside Hay on Wye in May 2009.

Both me and Bob didn’t know how well it would be attended but were delighted to have over 30 people attending from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Jersey and the UK, truly International.

From the very first meeting many new friendships were formed.

The 2nd UK meeting in May 2010 saw the meeting continue to grow, with most of the first year attendees coming back, as well as some new faces.

The 3rd UK meeting in May 2011 saw over 40 people attending and a fantastic selection of XT’s/SR’s and TT’s making the trip. A strong Belgian contingent making their voices and Duval heard (love you Bros).

The 4th UK meeting saw a continuation of the superb support with entrants coming from Belgium, Germany, Ireland and for the first time three hardy soles from Switzerland.

The 5th UK meeting was the biggest attended to date. Over 50 people making the trip. 10 from Belgium, 9 from Germany, 1 from ROI, 30 from all over the UK. The sun shone all weekend, superb!

The 6th meeting was held over the weekend of 16-18 May 2014, again superbly attended with guys and girls from all over the UK and Europe attending, again we were blessed with dry, sunny weather.

The 7th meeting took place May 15-17 2015 with numbers attending as strong as ever, lots of new faces from all over the UK, Europe and one visitor from the Falkland Islands.

The 8th meeting was held on the weekend of the 13-15 May 2016. What a corker, 8 from Belgium, 6 from Germany, 3 from Switzerland, 1 from Ireland, 2 from the Falklands, Scotland, England and Wales making up the rest.  One word to describe it, AWESOME!!!

the 9th meeting will be held at the usual venue during May 2017, date to be announced soon.

In a nutshell this is the history of the UK XT Meeting.

So to everyone that has attended the meetings and supported us (you know who you are) this site is for you.

Will and Bob