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Topic: Temperature management, sumping, starting....
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Big bore exhausts?
on: July 29, 2018, 10:11

Just had a notably unsuccessful day at Rye House.

The bike has been quite a success on the flat track so far; once you get past the 43 kicks to start it the first time, it starts easily and consistently, doesn’t smoke or use any significant amount of oil; isn’t tremendously fast and the handling is a bit odd, but nothing you wouldn’t expect.

Yesterday was a disaster. Wouldn’t start despite a strong spark and no sign of any debris in the carb, finally started on a push start and threw lots of oil out the breather, stalled after an excessively long period of hanging about in the start box with the engine running and wouldn’t restart. At this point I simply gave up…

Bike started first kick, much later on but I’d lost interest by then.

I do notice the exhaust is heavily blued, a long way back. Other riders using SR or TT on track, tend to favour speedway style, or SR style bends, usually with very short silencers so the whole exhaust ends around the swingarm pivot. The plug is already black and sooty so no scope for a bigger jet to cool it.

I also notice that some a/m sellers offer 38mm or 44mm “big bore” pipes, which I’m wondering about. Sportsters have 44mm or 45mm pipes, after all, as do 2-valve Jawa.

Anyone have any experience of this?

… Sunday morning now, colder and wetter and the bike started straight up in two kicks, which isn’t usual from cold. No choke, either, and no significant amount of smoke. I can only attribute yesterday to the heat… I don’t care for the state of the exhaust, though, strongly blued much further back than I would regard as healthy.

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